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Have you ever thought about training in Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, or MMA?

My name is Tim Carpenter. I am a retired professional MMA fighter and 3rd degree black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu. I am the owner and head instructor of Hellfish Mixed Martial Arts.

Almost everyone has at one point in their life had the desire to learn, train, and become proficient at Martial Arts, self defense, or fighting, or just generally being able to take care of themselves in a physical confrontation. Physical combat and violence is a universal human concern. 

When you take the first step through our doors and onto the mat for your first FREE class, you will never be the same. 

See, most people have the wish to be able to take care of themselves or learn self defense, fighting, martial arts, etc, but for most people it’s just a wish. Something they wish they could do, but will never actually commit to doing. Most will come up with any number of excuses or reasons to NOT do something rather than figure out HOW to do something. 

Most people think that learning how to defend yourself, or training and becoming proficient in Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, or Kickboxing is for young tough guys and athletes. And most people are totally wrong.

Here is the TRUTH.

Anyone can learn Jiu Jitsu in the proper environment. Anyone can learn the techniques of Muay Thai and put them to good use.

Anyone and everyone can and should learn how to take care of themselves to the best of their ability.

Anyone regardless of age, weight, height, race, gender. No matter how athletic or unathletic. No matter whether you are an aggressive person or a more passive and quiet person.

Everyone and anyone can do it. Our students range from 6 to 60 years old.

We have average joes and Janes in here trying to just get in shape and have fun and we also have highly motivated and skilled professional athletes that compete at the highest levels.

What separates Hellfish MMA from other schools and gyms is the culture of team work and mutual benefit that all of our coaches and students have created. We work hard in training and we laugh hard after. Everyone is here to not only improve themselves, but to assist other team members to do the same.

When you finish your first free class here at Hellfish Mixed Martial Arts, that does not mean you will be a competent martial artist. Far from it, but in that hour, you have taken the first necessary steps, you have separated yourself from the herd of those that WISH to the TEAM of those that DO!

  • So if you have ever thought about it (and I know you have)..
  • If you are fascinated by the mystique of martial arts and it has been on your mind recently
  • If you need a place to beat the crap out of stress and negativity in a truly fun and safe way
  • If you have ever had the itch to put on a pair of gloves and punch a heavy bag
  • or If you are a fan of the UFC, Bellator, and MMA and always wanted to give it a try

Take advantage of our 7 DAY FREE TRIAL

 Call us at 215-716-3554 and take the first step.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon.

Tim Carpenter
Head Instructor
Hellfish Mixed Martial Arts

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