Hellfish MMA Bridgeport Student Bexi Wrexi Wins Her 2nd Muay Thai Fight!

Hellfish MMA Bridgeport student Bexi Wrexi won her 2nd Muay Thai fight over the weekend and is now 2-0 in her first 2 fights. Under the watchful eye of Hellfish Muay Thai Queen Niki Lorinczy and cold blooded Coach Cobra,  Bexi showed vastly improved technical skills and composure in her second time in the ring against a very tough opponent from a great camp. She won her first fight in dominant fashion, but as with most first time fighters, it was not pretty. This time however her composure and comfort was evident as she was able to execute almost everything we had worked on in the gym in the months since her last fight. She spent a lot of time working one on one with Coach Zach Shiomos in between her normal Muay Thai classes in Bridgeport and all the extra work paid off.

For this fight the focus was on using a lot of leg kicks with the goal of setting up a head kick finish. We didn’t get the head kick finish, but Bexi did a great job of using her punches to set up her kicks and following up her kicks with punches. It is a simple strategy that keeps your opponent off balance and unable to figure out what will be coming at them next.

In the weeks leading up to this fight, we also introduced the spinning backfist into Bexi’s arsenal. The spinning back fist is one of the most powerful strikes in all combat sports. The power of the spinning back fist is amplified by the element of surprise because your opponent often does not recognize what is coming until it smashes into them. This weapon has been the method of many brutal knockouts in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. Watch this quick highlight below to see some of the work Bexi put in over the last few months paying off.


Winning is far superior to losing, but a win is such a brief and fleeting moment of pleasure compared to the long lasting fulfillment that comes from dedicating and disciplining yourself to work hard on something and seeing the improvements that happen in the process. Wins and losses will come and go, but the achievements that occur during the pursuit of developing, refining, and sharpening your mind and body last forever.