The Secret to Getting Really Good at Jiu Jitsu Without Training

Do you want to know the best kept secrets for getting really really good at Jiu Jitsu? Something that will help you improve even when you might be sick or injured or too busy to make it to class?

The secret is video study. Studying videos is a great way to supplement your physical training. Watching video of both technique being demonstrated and live matches and sparring footage can allow you to soak in way more Jiu Jitsu knowledge than the average hour long class.

Watching is not enough. Once you have studied a technique, take that into your next training session and consciously try to put what you have studied into practice on your training partners.

When I first started training, there was no youtube, vimeo, or membership sites available. The only options were ordering expensive VHS tapes out of the backs of martial arts magazines, waiting hours to download a 5 minute video on the computer, or lurking on bjj forums in search of someone willing to trade or sell rare and grainy footage of obscure mma and grappling events from around the world. I have done all of that and as inefficient as it was, it helped me tremendously.

Now we have an almost unlimited supply of free video content online. So instead of wasting your time on Worldstar hip hop or reddit, spend at least 30 minutes a day studying technique and competitions.

I recommend that you stick to viewing one or two videos repeatedly for 30 minutes rather than clicking around aimlessly for those 30 minutes and viewing 30 short videos.

I also recommend that you start with viewing the videos we have available on the Hellfish Mixed Martial Arts YouTube channel.

The Hellfish Mixed Martial Arts YouTube page has been updated with new technique videos as well as some black belt Bjj matches. We will be keeping the channel updated with weekly videos of techniques that we have been working in class for both Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu as well as fights and matches.

Be sure to go to the YouTube page and subscribe, like, share, and comment on the videos. Let us know what sort of videos and techniques you would like to see in the future.