Hellfish Take Home 4 Gold Medals from Tap Out Cancer Philadelphia Jiu Jitsu Tournament

Kids jiu jitsu

The Hellfish Jiu Jitsu competitors took home 4 gold medals 1 silver and 3 Bronze medals from the Tap out Cancer Philadelphia jiu jitsu event on 11/12/2019. First up were the Hellfish Kids Jiu Jitsu competitors. Declan won 3 matches and took home a hard earned bronze medal. This was his best competition to date and was a huge improvement from last year.

Kids jiu jitsu

Eli won his 1st match and then lost his next and took home a Bronze medal. Bennett and Charlie also competed and fought well but came up just short of victory.

Next was the Purple and Brown belts from Hellfish Mixed Martial Arts in Bridgeport. Charlie Neely won his first match 2-0 and his next via armbar in the last 10 seconds to get the gold medal in the brown belt division. Matt Richman was put into the Ultra Heavy weight division and won gold with his favorite technique, the guillotine choke. Luke Shiomos went 2-1 winning his first 2 matches with some very slick armbars from his guard and then losing by advantage in the finals to take home a silver medal.

One blue belt, Dave chase won his first match on points 9-2 and demonstrated some great technique against a very strong opponent before losing his next match for the bronze medal.

The white belts were last to go. Steve Flavell went 2-0 with 2 chokes from the back to win gold. Jason Ricles went 1-1 and did not place. Carl Franzetti went 2-1 with 2 submissions and one loss via points to take the bronze medal and Big Joey Szatmary went 3-0 with 3 finishes for the gold medal.

Overall it was a great day for the Hellfish team. Whether the competitors won or lost they all fought with heart, technique, and grit and made us all proud.