The North South Choke
This weeks YouTube instructional covers the North South Choke. On the surface, the north south choke looks simple enough. When[...]
The Secret to Getting Really Good at Jiu Jitsu Without Training
Do you want to know the best kept secrets for getting really really good at Jiu Jitsu? Something that will[...]
End of year Hellfish BJJ Promotions
We always have a big promotion day at both Bridgeport and Chalfont locations as the year comes to an end.[...]
Hellfish MMA Competition Recap
As the year winds down, it is good to look back on what we have attempted and accomplished. This is[...]
Hellfish MMA Bridgeport Student Bexi Wrexi Wins Her 2nd Muay Thai Fight!
Hellfish MMA Bridgeport student Bexi Wrexi won her 2nd Muay Thai fight over the weekend and is now 2-0 in her first[...]
Hellfish Team Dominates Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu events this weekend
The Hellfish Team dominated in both Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu competitions over the weekend. First up was Jon Naji from the[...]